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I’ve Fallen and I’m About to Get Up

Heeeeeeeyyyyy Baller Moms? What are you up to today? Well it’s pouring down raining over here…thank you Hurricane Isaac…you are welcome Tammy B. Since SUGAR melts in the rain, I need to stay inside (double wink). Duh, I'm not trying to melt. Get it? Moving on. Well as always I have a story to tell…like to hear it…here it goes. I was at a football scrimmage last weekend and the coaches volunteered our team to play a MUCH older team. Is there really a benefit to “playing up”? Imagine the looks on our boys’ faces when they saw Rocky Balboa, Terry Tate Office Linebacker, and the Terminator walking out on the field. First play…BAM! Rocky Balboa TRUCKED one of our players. Dang Gina (In my Martin voice). As several of our players lay stretched out on the field, the coaches yelled, “Suck it up!”, “Shake it off!”, “Man up!” And then I yelled, “NO, MAN DOWN!” One kid laid there for what felt like an eternity. His Baller Mom ran out to the field in slow motion…or maybe she was just slow. The coaches did a light jog and then they all knelt on one knee. OMG, are they praying? No, that’s the stance they all use when a kid has fallen and is about to get up. The other players were watching with intensity. Rocky Balboa was tearing up…aw he has a soft side… pass him some tissue, thanks. There was a LONG, awkward silence. AND THEN…the kid got up and did the cupid shuffle off of the field!!! Everyone started clapping like the kid just won an MTV Movie Award. Was he REALLY hurt or is he just clever? I mean, he did get to sit out the next play and watch while the Terminator TRUCKED his teammate. Another one bites the dust, dirt, and grass…2 down, 9 more to go.

Tammy B, Ballin' Out

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