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Heeeyyyy Baller Moms. It’s me, Tammy B!

Heeeeeyyyyyyyy Baller Moms. It’s me, Tammy B. Um, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It’s so hard to say goodbye to 2014. It was a great year for the Baller Moms. Let’s recap with a Tammy B rap... (Drop that beat in your head, uh uh uh uh) 2014 started out so smooth We had a dream to build a gym, so we bust a move In the meantime, we are on YouTube With Baller Moms TV, starring you know who We gave away money for teams in need We hooked up the players with Galaxy leg sleeves Everyone was in the gym, repping with their kid Wearing Baller Moms tees, look at what we did We took our brand to I-G and reached out to moms We dressed a Baller Girl and Baller Dude for prom Hold up wait a minute around the 1st of July We held our very first free football combine The doors to our new home opened in the fall The House of Production, Ball Unlimited y’all We paid it forward, giving out turkeys and coats We are about community, Baller Moms, you better know Baller Moms were here, Baller Moms were there Look to your left, we were everywhere And we aren’t finished, we’ve got more to do SneakerAde is 26 January - buy, donate and sell shoes It’s going to be bigger and better in 2015 Hint hint, be a LEADER and you’ll earn that trophy!!! Coming in 2015: Leadership Through Sports Series Ball Unlimited Store SneakerAde Midnight Basketball Baller Mom Awards Custom Prom Dress and Tuxedo Giveaway Ballers For the Homeless Baller Moms Not On My Watch campaign New Baller Moms TV webisodes AND MORE... JOIN THE MOVEMENT...BECOME A MEMBER FOR FREE! Tammy B Ballin’ Out

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