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Hello World!

Heeeeyyyyy Ballermom! Yes, I’m talking to you. Are you a mom? Do you have a child who plays a sport that requires the use of a ball or is your child playing a sport and just having a ball doing it? Have you ever shed at least one tear at the trophy ceremony? Or have you ever cried for 2 hours on the way home in the car driving ME back home from Nationals because your child didn’t get in the game? Sorry, I digressed. Have you been banned from a gym for shouting out, “Hey ref, how much is the other team paying you for these bad calls?” Are you using up a tank of gas per day ($3.69 per gallon) to take your child across state lines to practice because you KNOW you will be paid back with interest when he or she makes it big? Do you wear t-shirts with your child’s name on it in rhinestones (bling bling) because you are just that proud? Have you ever snuck a case of Gatorade into the gym in your Louis Vuitton tote bag? Have you ever had to pray BEFORE you checked the coach, checked him, and then prayed again? Have you ever forgot you were an adult over the age of 21, legal drinking age, and was about to run out on the field to fight a kid 20 years younger than you because he trucked your child? Then, guess what…YOU ARE A BALLERMOM! Congratulations. You are a part of the movement.

And I am your voice. Fred Flinstone had Gazoo and now you have me, Tammy B, on the right side of your head, listening to your stories, and sharing them with the ballermom community. This is your forum. Every week, I will be blogging about you. So get ready…we are about to be on an adventure…together. Ballermoms Unite!

Tammy B, Ballin out


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